To Kutztown will come the distinction of having the first mausoleum in Eastern Berks and one of the very few to be found in the county. Furthermore, it will be the first one between Allentown and Reading. This elaborate and most modem burial place will grace the highest point of Hope cemetery, commanding a vista for miles around in all directions and therefore be visible also from points some miles away. In short, it will become one of the show places in Kutztown. The illustration gives a better architectural conception of the projected mausoleum than could be given without a lengthy description. Its general design will be a combination of Grecian with Gothic. The entrance will be most imposing and give a most impressive finish to the building. The material to be used in its construction will be largely reinforces concrete and granite. The front of the building will face the south, thus extending in somewhat a general direction of east and west. The plans as thus far worked out call for approximately 200 crypts. The mausoleum will occupy about 5,000 square feet of ground on Hope Cemetery under whose full control it will be placed in operation. Its front interior lobby will be most reposeful and neat in design and furnishing. Its main corridor and its crypt rooms will be in keeping with this form of respectful, modem equipment. A mausoleum offers the highest type of burial as yet conceived by man. It represents beautiful and permanent burial unaffected by the elements and the ultimate and common senses. The compartment mausoleum is a house for the dead. It takes the place of the field for the dead. It is as much an advance over the old methods as the city is a higher development of civilization than the country. In such instance the mausoleum is endowed. Thus it is assured of permanence. One of the melancholy spectacles is a-neglected graveyard with sunken graves, failed headstones and rampant weeds. And they are not infrequent, but this cannot be said of Hope Cemetery, which has been a model in keeping its field in most neat shape. The compartment mausoleum is not a novelty. It is an evolution. It is a combination of three Things----science, beauty and reverence-----things that time has taught us are everlasting in quality. Of all the ways of preserving the remains of the dead, it is the most scientific. It conforms to the best principles of sanitation. In it the dead are never a menace to the living. The receptacle in which the body lies to hermetically sealed. Free access to the building is accorded the crypt owner. Each crypt is properly marked, as would be a tombstone to record permanently the sepulture of a body there. Kutztown Patriot, Jan. 17, 1929

Ground was broken at noon today (Thursday) for the erection of the community mausoleum on Hope Cemetery. David Kutz, president of the Board of Trustees of the cemetery, turned the first shovel full of soil. Other members of the board were present. Herbert Behler has the contract for the excavation. The general contract is held by F. J. Boyles, of Lansdale, specialist in mausoleum construction. (17 Oct. 1929)


Waiting for Bronze Doors Before Final Interior Work will be done; Most Valuable Structure Kutztown's most elaborate and most expensive structure is near completion, and in a very short time will be thrown open to the public for inspection. It is the new mausoleum in Hope Cemetery, the structure that when finished will cost in the neighborhood of $100,000. According to J. N. Myers, who is in charge of the erection of the structure, the bronze doors have been the cause of delaying completion of the mausoleum. They would have been delivered by October, but they were delayed. Except for the final tile covering on the roof, the placing of the marble floor in the interior, the erection of the doors and the grading, the building is completed. There are two hundred crypts in the structure. When one enters Kutztown from Reading, the building makes a beautiful sight, standing on the crest of a hill in Hope Cemetery. The architecture is plain but imposing, and after all work ha been done, will greatly enhance the entire cemetery and the surrounding ground. Mr. Myers states that practically all of the crypts have been sold. He has busily engaged during the past year in supervising the erection, and selling of the crypts. It is just a year ago that workmen started excavation for the erection of a building which is said to be the only one of its kind in a town the size of Kutztown in the United States. A number of inquiries had been made to the Patriot as to when the mausoleum would be completed. Mr. Meyers says that the work will be done just as quickly as possible. (Patriot, 25 Dec. 1930) Dedication ceremonies will be held on Sunday afternoon, May 15, for the new Hope Memorial Mausoleum, in Hope Cemetery, Kutztown. The ceremonies will begin at 2 o'clock, day light savings time. The ministers of Kutztown will participate in the services. There will be several selections sung by the audience during the dedication ceremony. J. N. Myers, who supervised the erection of the mausoleum, states that it is one of the most luxurious structures in the State of Pennsylvania for a community of this size. The public has been extended an invitation to attend the affair. May 15, 1932.