Hope cemeteries products and prices

Mausoleum crypts   There are single compartment crypts and companion crypts available.
single are $1,220 
Companion crypts $2,440

graves   The cost of a single grave is $500. Perpetual care is included in that price.
One lot consists of 8 graves.
Graves are available from one to any number that meets your needs.

Pre-arrangements   Arrangements can be made in advance with the cemetery
 to reflect your wishes, and will be made part of our records.

PAYMENT PLANS   No one prefers to think of the inevitable, it is difficult enough for your survivors to deal with their loss, much less the decisions they will be forced to make at their most vulnerable time. Choosing you final resting place can be emotional and financially draining. You have the choice to relieve them of that burden now, and Hope Cemetery can help you purchase property with a plan to fit anyone’s budget and keep inflation in check. To inquire; visit www.hopecemetery.com