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As long as you’re remembered you’ll never die, once you’re forgotten you’ve never lived.


I enjoy reading your interesting peoples page

Hope cemetery:

  What Is A Veteran

A Veteran -- whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve -- is someone who, at one point in Their life, wrote a blank check made payable to-- The United States of America,-- for an amount of up to, and including their life.  God Bless All Veterans

Hope cemetery:

Hope wishes to thank local historian Jay Druckenmiller, for his many contributions to the cemetery records.


OH wow, I just looked at the website for hope cemetery! Awesome! That is so cool!


I love how you put your cemtery on line with all the little extras


I certainly appreciate your efforts and concern


As someone interested in researching family history, thank you for providing your information online.


Hi, I noticed on your site that the birth deat for Judith (Trexler) Roeller is incorrect. You can easily read 4/9/1794 on her tombstone pic. You have listed as her birth date 4/3/1974. FYI... This is great you post tombstone pics!! I wish MORE cemeteries would do this!


Thanks for all you do. You are helping many people find their history, and helping preserve important info. You are appreciated very much.


What you have done is simply amazing! When I first started visiting the Hope Cemetery site it had nothing much on it except for names. Now it is populated with so much interesting info I can't believe it. Is there someone I can recommend to give you an award for your performance? No one I know has done as much for their cemetery as you have done.


Hello,I have been searching for family members from Pittsburgh and came across your site. It is truely beautiful. I wish everyone would take the time to remember loved ones. I often wonder what peoples lives were like. Sometimes just to go back in time to know them.Thanks for taking the time to put some love in the world. Was searching for Muller or Mueller or Geyer.


First, thank you for this website. It is wonderful! Do you have any genealogy information for any of the Biebers buried in this cemetery? I assume that some of them are descendants of Dietrich Bieber or Lorentz Bieber (my 6th-gr grandfather). If you have any details, I would appreciate knowing them. Thank you!


Clark,That's awesome, thanks so much!  The pictures are perfect...You do a fantastic job and it's much appreciated, Ed.

Janice, Dallas,TX:

Message : this is a wonderful site, thank you so much!!!!!!


Thank you so much. I am unfamiliar with that area, so didn't know about it. I really appreciate your site, it has been a GREAT help to me. I think half of the cemetery must be related to me:)